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Mon, Oct. 17th, 2005, 06:58 pm
gm_v: VIVA Stage 2

Well I tried out Viva green today as a possible alternative route for me to get home from school. I must say, Viva green was very impressive. It came on time and a reasonable wait. Since Enterprise has not been built yet, this bus skips the stops between 14th and Unionville GO for the time being. Instead Viva green and Viva purple will take the 407 between Warden and Kennedy to Unionville GO. Viva purple initially was not supposed to go to Unionville GO, however this is the only connection it can make with the green at this time.

From my own sightings:

Viva purple: With the extension to McCowan it is quite full. Riders have recognized purple as the replacement of the heavily used Route 1.

Viva green: Moderately low usage. This route is quite fast and caters to a lot of the industrial parks. Its not often you get a frequent service bus at the front door of your company. Pretty good considering this is day 2 for this route.

Viva orange: Low usage. This is the first route to extend west beyond York University. I think it will take time for people to get used to this route.

Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005, 08:56 pm
gm_v: Viva Stage 2 opening on October 16

As of October 16, Viva will expand and open 2 more routes Viva Green and Viva Orange. Viva Purple will extend beyond Town Center Blvd. all the way to McCowan. This means Viva will now be able to take you to Markville Mall. Viva Green will go from Unionville station all the way into Don Mills station. Viva Orange will go from Martin Grove all the way to Downsview station. Viva Blue will not be complete until Stage 3, Viva Purple will extend to Martin Grove by this time which is November 20. Depending how successful Viva is will depend on how much better the routes will become. If you haven't taken Viva please try it, you will find out it is one of the best bus transportation systems in Canada.

Viva Pros:

- Viva uses Van Hool A330 and AG300 buses made in Belgium these use a Cummins ISM and Voith D864.3 transmission for a smooth quiet ride.
- Use a high powered A/C system equivalent to the very new TTC subway cars, since Windows cannot be open, Viva will not send a bus without A/C. YRT has been very good at managing its resources, there should be enough spare buses for Viva.
- The buses use a sofa type seating making it feel like a motorcoach bus. They still aren't as good as YRT 001-014, 224-233, 301-310 but superior to any TTC bus.
-The buses themselves as some of you may have seen are way more attractive than any bus in the GTA.
- The buses use a automated message telling you each stop, a sign near the front of the bus also displays the name of the stop. Both of these are helpful to both blind and the deaf.
- The AG300 buses in the back have a table, you could essentially do school work, use your laptop or whatever.
- A validated Viva ticket expires in 2 hours meaning it is your transfer should you wish to take local YRT buses after Viva.
- Viva has a frequency of 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
- Each Viva stop has a display showing how long the bus will take, since Viva uses GPS the buses have are being tracked at all times.
- Viva has no farebox! The driver does not look for your ticket.
- Viva has hired fare inspectors to randomly inspect your tickets/transfers/passes. Should you get caught you pay a hefty fine for cheating the honour system.
- Viva only stops at Viva stops, meaning they act as a express service. Each stop has been labelled on the Viva maps.
- Viva opens all doors at each stop like the TTC subways for easy entrance and exit.
- Drivers allowed to drive these buses are YRT's best and experienced, should they fall behind expectations they are fired from Viva. They are very willing to help you use the system even off duty.

Viva cons:
- Viva has no ROW at the moment meaning it shares the same traffic as everyone else. This will lead to possibly late buses coming out of York University.
- Viva is still not big enough, until it gets to Stage 4, many parts of York Region are cut off from Viva.
- The Van Hool buses are more expensive than any North American counterpart.
- When the service to Newmarket opens there will be zones which you will need to pay $1.00 more to visit less populated areas like Aurora and Newmarket.
- Viva is still experimental, there is no gurantee it will continue the way it currently is unless there is ridership. Viva Blue is promising exceeding expectations but Viva Purple isn't faring too well, Stage 2 will see whether Viva purple still has use.

Fri, Aug. 26th, 2005, 12:13 pm
icyfire99: (no subject)

just wanted to post up the links for the new schedules for VIVA!


check'em out!=]

Fri, Aug. 5th, 2005, 10:58 am
gm_v: (no subject)

Hello, welcome to the yrt community. Feel free to say anything you like about YRT from a simple day ride to technical information, complaints about YRT are acceptable as long as they are legit and valid afterall YRT still has a long way to go before becoming a top class system. Keep it friendly thanks.

YRT notes:

Viva will start in September. One of YRT's plans is to use Viva to take over GO's Newmarket B service. GO used to operate Yonge C, buses that used to operate for Yonge C are now under YRT's possession numbered 001-014 and 224-233. Viva is using brand New Van Hool A330s(40ft) and AG300s(60ft). Few systems in North America operate Van Hool transit buses.

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