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Thu, Dec. 22nd, 2005, 10:01 am
gm_v: Buses that have retired

Since YRT is a much smaller system, retirements of their fleet are much more difficult to find unless you observe them at Miller garage, the Tomakjian yard or Laidlaw yards and speak to their respective staff. Right now with the additions of 30 new Eldorado EZ-Rider IIs(541-570) and 25 new New Flyer D40LFs (571-585, 601-609). So here are the buses that will no longer be in service. The EZ-Riders have been split with all 3 divisions while the D40LF have been only split up with Miller and Tomakjian divisions.

- Ex-Markham GM New Looks 2001, 2003 and 2005. These are the oldest and longest serving to the YRT fleet. The only bus active will be 2006 in Newmarket where its fate is uncertain. Note 2001 is Markham's very first bus.

- Ex-Markham and Ex-Richmond Hill Champion Solos. These are the really boxy small buses that frequent local Markham routes like 40 and 41 while for Richmond Hill usually frequent Richmond Hill GO station routes. All of them have been retired. These are the shortest lived buses in the YRT fleet of only 8 years of service.

- All Ex-Richmond Hill New Flyer D40s that were not repainted in the YRT livery. As of now there are no more buses that hold the old Richmond Hill livery.

The buses are may not see service for very long will have to be the old 30 ft Orion Is those would include 516, 517, 518, Ex-Aurora 891, 2019, 2020. Some other older buses are also Orion Is like 8504, Ex-GO 8505, 8506. Ex-Brampton New Look 7526 is the oldest vehicle kept, it doesn't have much time left. The most notable things about these old vehicles are their more unique and in my opinion more comfortable seats as most use bench seats. In the case of ex-GO buses comfortable suburban seating.