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yrt's Journal

York Region Transit
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Welcome to the York Region Transit community. In this community you can talk about anything involving YRT from service changes to your day riding YRT. For those who don't know what YRT is, YRT is a system that was created by York Region by amalgamating 4 regional transit services. They are Markham Transit, Richmond Hill Transit, Vaughan Transit and Newmarket Transit. YRT maintains its vehicles with 3 contractors. For Markham and Richmond Hill services they are run by Miller Transit Ltd found at Miller yard. Vaughan services are run by Tomakjian. Finally Newmarket services are run by Laidlaw. YRT continues to grow each day, once a inconvient system now a acceptable alternative to cars that heavily populate York Region. In September 4th, 2005 YRT began its new BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) service Viva noticible with the big blue buses. General wait times from Viva range from 5 to 15 minutes depending on traffic and time of day. YRT currently has contracted both TTC and Brampton Transit to help service York Region by allowing both transit properties to enter York Region so riders do not have to change buses.

1989 New Flyer D40 #8916 formerly owned by Richmond Hill running on Route 83 Trench at Richmond Hill Center. This photo was taken on September 12, 2005. This is one of the few Richmond Hill buses still wearing its old Richmond Hill Transit livery. This bus would only see service for 2 more months, it lasted long enough to see the new Richmond Hill Center terminal.

2005 Eldorado EZ-Rider II #546 loading passengers for Route 23 Thornhill Woods at Finch GO Terminal. This bus was YRT's first 30 ft bus order since the Thomas SLF 230s, YRT ordered 30 of them making this order the largest single order YRT has to date. Bus #546 seen here serves for Vaughan, many of the others are seen at Newmarket and a few have been allocated to Markham.

2005 Van Hool AG300 #5215 loading passengers for the Route Viva Blue at Richmond Hill Center. The photo was taken on September 12, 2005 which is 8 days after Viva started. The 60 ft long AG300s serve only on Viva Blue due to the fact the line runs on Yonge Street which is one of the busiest streets YRT operates on. Viva Blue runs all the way from Newmarket Terminal down to Finch Terminal meaning it goes from Newmarket all the way to northern Toronto. The success of Viva Blue was so good it surged beyond expectation and now YRT has ordered an extra 5 AG300s as their original order of 25 buses was insufficient for this one route.

1986 Flyer D901 #6187 of the TTC loading passengers for Route 165F Weston Road North at Wilson station. This TTC branch route contracted by YRT serves both Toronto residents and YRT residents by crossing the border as the destination sign says all the way up to Major Mackenzie Drive, some routes only travel to 14th Avenue like Routes 17A and 224C while some go only to 16th Avenue like Route 25D. The moment these TTC buses head north of steeles they are considered YRT buses. Due to the differences in fare systems you are required to pay an extra fare to ride these buses as they cross the border between Toronto and York Region. This bus service is vital as they provide YRT passengers benefits of not waiting for a bus transfer while allowing YRT to allocate resources elsewhere. This particular bus #6187 of the TTC was in its last few months of service and has retired in late Feburary 2006.
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